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Music is a part of our lives and there are some expectant parents who would like to give their baby a name that is rooted n musical connotations. These can include singers, composers and musicians and anyone connected to the music industry. As you read the following selection of names, you may find some that you already have under consideration. You may also find some new names that are appealing.

Names That Might Sound Like Songs

There are a number of names that, when heard, sound like they are music. Most of these types of names are for girls. Some of the names are currently very well known and some are from a while ago. The following is a selection of musical sounding names.

Angie:  This female English name is a derivative of the name Angela. The Rolling Stones had a song called Angie and Angie Baby was sung by Helen Reddy. There was also an actress named Angie Dickinson during the 60s and 70s that contributed to the use of the name in those decades.

Bernadette:  This is a French female name derived from the male name Bernard which means “brave bear.” Although the Four Tops had a song called by this name, most people might associate it with Saint Bernadette. The name has always had some use.

Cadence:  This female name means a series of musical intervals in a tune. The military make up cadences that they use during drills.  It has been used somewhat recently

Carmen:  This is a Spanish female name derived from Carmel. It has been said to mean “song.”  There is a famous Bizet opera called Carmen.  It may occasionally be used today but was most popular during the 40s.

Cecelia:  “Blind” is the meaning of this Latin female name. St. Cecelia is known as the patron saint of music. Simon and Garfunkel had a song called Cecelia.

Chelsea:  This female name means “a landing place for chalk or limestone.” Singer Joni Mitchell had a song called Chelsea  Morning and we recognize the name of Chelsea Clinton and Chelsea Handler.

Dawn:  This name means exactly what it says “dawn or morning.” It has always had some use.

Delia:  This Greek female name means “from the isle of Debos.” It may be derived from the name Donna. It has had some popularity during the 20th century and Johnny Cash had a song called Delia’s Gone.

Harmony:  Harmony is a female name referring to a way of singing that is pleasant listening. It might also refer to a character trait of a person. It was used in the 70s and seems to be coming into use again.

Julia:  This is a Latin female name. It seems to come from an old Roman name. Names derived from this include Juliana and Juliet. The Beatles had a song called Julia and we all know the singer named Julie Andrews.

Layla:  “Night” is the meaning of this Arabic female name. The name was used in a Lord Byron poem. There was a song called Layla sung by a group called Derek and the Dominoes. Layla Ali was a contestant on the popular television show Dancing With The Stars.

Lola:  This Spanish female name is derived from the name Dolores. The group The Kinks had a song called Lola and there is a famous song from the musical Damn Yankees called Whatever Lola Wants Lola Gets.

Maggie:  This is a female name derived from the name Margaret. Maggie Mae is a Rod Stewart song and there is a character called Maggie in the play Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.  There is also a well known actress named Maggie Smith. One might hear the name today.

Melody:  This English name for a girl means “a tune or melody” and is a definite musical term. Although there are not too many famous people with the name, it has been popular at the end of the 20th century. However, there is a television actress named Melody Thomas Scott.

Michelle:  This female French name is the feminine form of the name Michael. Michelle is the name of a famous song by the Beatles. The name increased in popularity after that song was released. Currently there are the actresses Michelle Pfeiffer, Michelle Williams, and Sarah Micelle Gellar.  Of course one very famous woman  with the name is First Lady Michelle Obama.

Norma:  This is a female Italian name that might mean “a rule.”  There was a mid 19th century opera with this name. It had most popular use in the first part of the 20th century but has decreased in use. However, most of us recall the movie called Norma Rae.  Although she didn’t use the name, Marilyn Monroe’s real name was Norma Jean Baker.

Rhonda:  “noisy” is the meaning of this female Welsh name. The Beach Boys had a well known song called Help Me Rhonda. Some may recall the actress named Rhonda Fleming.

Windy:  This female name means what it says. It was most used in the 70s when a song by this name was released by a group called The Association.

Names of Singers and Composers

There are and have been many famous people in the music industry. Some are singes, some are composers and some are have both talents. The following selection of names will provide some information about past and present musical stars.

Alanis:  This is reptuted to be a Greek female name. It is said that the father of Alanis Morisette saw the name in a Greek newspaper and chose it because it sort of sounded like his name which was Alan.  Basically, it is uncertain that this name came to be as has been hypothesized.

Annie:  This female name is derived from the name Anne. The name was frequently used early in the 20th century. There are several famous women with the name including Annie Lennox, Anne Oakley, and Annie Sullivan (Helen Keller’s teacher).

Aretha:  “Virtue” is the meaning of this Greek female name. The name was popular in the 60s and 70s probably because of the famous singer Aretha Franklin.

Benny: This male name is derived from Benjamin or perhaps Benedict. Benny  Goodman  was famous during the time of the Big Band. There was a song by Elton John called Bennie and the Jets.

Bruce:  This is an English male name which was popular in the 50s when Bruce Springsteen was born. Bruce is also heard as a last name as with Lenny Bruce.

Buddy:  “Friend” is the meaning of this male English name. We might have heard of famous singer Buddy Holly. There was also a well known actor named Buddy Ebsen. The name was popular during the early 20th  century.

Celine:  This female name is most likely derived from the French name Marceline.  Most of us will immediately think of singer Celine Dion who sang the song from the movie Titanic called M y Heart Will Go On.  The name increased in use at the time of Celine Dion’s fame.

Chuck:  This male name derives from Charles. There was a famous singer named Chuck Berry. The nickname has been  used for decades for males named Charles.

Dean:  “Valley or an occupation” is the meaning of this male name. Dean Martin may be the most famous Dean although currently there is a well known actor named Dean Caine. The name is derived from the Italian name Dino.

Donna, Madonna:  This is a female Italian name. Donna means “lady” while Madonna means “my lady.” Donna was a very popular name in the 60s when singer Donna Summer was a musical star.  It appears that there is only one Madonna and she actually defies description.

Ella:  This is a female Latin name which seems to be derived from some names that end with the letters –ella such as Isabella or Gabriella. When this name is heard, one might think of famous singer Ella Fitzgerald. It was most popular during the first half of the 20th century, declined and is beginning to be used again.

Elton:  This is an English male name which is well known because of singer Elton John. However, this is not a very popular name.

Enya:   “Radiance or splendor” is the meaning of this female Gaelic name. There are several musical artists with a form of this name. Enya is a singer and Aine Minogue is a harpist.

Gloria:  This is a female Latin name that means “glory.” It was first used by George Bernard Shaw in a play in the late 19th century.  Currently, we know about singer Gloria Estefan.

Lucian:  “Light is the meaning of this Latin male name. The opera singer Luciano Pavarotti may have been responsible for an increase in use of the name .

Mariah:  This Latin female name is derived from Maria. Singer Mariah Carey is definitely well known. There is a musical called Paint Your Wagon that has a famous song called They Call The Wind Mariah.  It started to be used when Mariah Carey became well known in the 90s.

Melba:  This female name is derived from the city of Melbourne, Australia. There was an opera singer named Nellie Melba who chose this name because of the city. An interesting nugget is that she is the reason for Melba Toast and Peach Melba.

Nat:  This is a Hebrew name for both genders. It can be derived from Nathan, Nathaniel or Natalie. Two famous people with the name are Nat King Cole and his daughter, Natalie.

Nora:  This female name may be derived from Honora or Eleanora. There was a jazz singer named Norah Jones. This name is rarely used at this time.

Odetta, Odette:  “Homeland” is the meaning of this French female name Odetta was a blues singer only known by the one name. There  have been other singers  such as Odette Michell, a folk singer and Odette Beaupre, an opera singer.

Ozzy:  This English male name is derived from Osborne which is a Norse name that means “divine bear.” All of recognize the name of rocker musician Ozzy Osbourne who is perhaps a polar opposite of the 50s television star Ozzie Nelson.

Patsy:  This English name can be used for both genders. It is derived from Patrick or Patricia. It would now be used only for women. Patsy Cline is a famous country singer.

Ray:  This male name is derived from the name Raymond. The singer Ray Charles is one famous Ray. Comedian Ray Romano is another well known man with this name.

Rod:  This male name can be a nickname for Rodney, or Roderick. Rock singer Rod Stewart is a famous rock singer. However, the name is not frequently used at all today.

Sinead:  This is a female Gaelic name which is actually derived from the name Janet. All of us recognize the name of singer Sinead O’Connor.

Travis:  This is an English male name that started as a last name. During the 19th century it became used as a first name. It has been frequently used since the 70s. There are two well known country singers, Randy Travis and Travis Tritt.

Waylon:  This male name may have started as a personal name or a name that meant “god of blacksmithing. It was used occasionally during the 70s and 80s when singer Waylon Jennings was most popular.

Whitney:  This is another English name for both genders which means “white island.”  It began as a last name but began to be used as a first name for both boys and girls during the 60s.  Whitney Houston didn’t start the interest in this name, but did help to boost the use of the name.

Woody:  This is an English male name which is usually a nickname for something like Woodrow. Woody Guthrie was a famous musician, known for Alice’s Restaurant. Woody for Woody Allen is actually a nickname for Heywood. There is also actor Woody Harrelson.


This article has provided a selection of male and female names that are connected to the music industry. Some parents are interested in choosing such a name. There are many more names than those provided here. These names here include some that are old and some that are newer. Currently, there are so many more musical stars that parents will have a lot of possible choices.

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